This is why you need an Audio Blog if you’re a Fitness Blogger

Anan Batra
5 min readFeb 22, 2021

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The internet has broken up the conventional barriers between the distributors and their consumers, and fitness blogs are an example of this. Previously, if a fitness fanatic decided to get their theories out to a broader audience, they would have had to write an article in a newspaper or advertise on TV or on the radio. However, it was and still is a rare opportunity to do this. Fitness blogging is a simple way to communicate with a broader audience — if you are willing to put the work in.

Changing attitudes of fitness bloggers

Health and fitness blogs have become more influential over the last few years, as content like videos and graphics are considerably easy to make. “Fitness gurus have recognized that with a blogging site like WordPress and a distribution channel like YouTube, you can get thousands, if not millions, of people to see your wisdom. That is a lot more enticing for them than teaching people one at a time.

“Fitness gurus have recognized the potential of blogging”

Audio Consumption is on the Rise

With the rise of earbuds and other Bluetooth headphones, audio intake continues to rise exponentially. Audio consumption has gone up dramatically in the last 2 years alone. Consumers are being bombarded by more and more blog posts, articles, email newsletters, and other types of text, and they don’t have time to get through. Audio is a complementary medium that enables customers to listen to content on their walks, during exercise, or during another downtime when they may not be able to read on a screen.

“Why stare at a screen when someone can narrate the same content”

Audio Blogging — A boon for fitness bloggers

Multi-Tasking is the way forward

Audio content is easy for listeners to drop in the background as they concentrate on other activities, such as document review, code processing, driving to their office or while doing your weekly laundry, and so much more.

Reading posts, on the other hand, is an activity that requires undivided attention. By adding an audio player into your blog post or website, you get the best of all worlds — a platform that multi-taskers will appreciate, as well as the freedom to serve your beautifully designed content in its entirety. By leveraging the power of audio consumption, Fitness Bloggers can tap this to their advantage by curating their fitness wisdom and recommendations in an audio blog which the listener can conveniently listen to while they are engrossed in some other task.

“Harnessing the power of audio blogging holds the future of your fitness blog”

A more personalized experience

Humans learn how to communicate verbally long before they learn to read. Hearing someone’s voice taps into something that is primitive about all of us and draws an image that can only be a human voice.

When you are enriching your content experience with audio, you stick up to bring your audience closer to your story. This is not to belittle the written word, which is incredibly powerful by itself. But verbal experiences are far more intimate than a written article on its own, even though they cover the same subject matter or include the same amusing or informative content. Fitness bloggers can utilize audio blogging to create a more personalized and deeper connection with their listeners which will eventually reap big rewards for their blogs in the form of customer loyalty and a lesser attrition rate.

“Audio as a medium is as intimate as one could be with their audience”

Boost to Imagination

Another huge bonus for audio blogging is that it addresses our imagination and stimulates our creativity in ways that are beyond what any visual media might ever do.

Listening to an exciting storyteller will allow your mind to create images of the characters, scenery, and plots depicted in the audio story. You’re going to find yourself directing movies in your mind while you listen.

Top fitness bloggers who are dominating the blogging scene

Katie Dunlop, the founder of this blog, discovered her true calling in encouraging others to achieve their fitness goals. She shares the story of her own fitness journey on the web, as well as exercise tips, diet advice, and everyday inspiration for her followers.

Dr. Joel Seedman is the man behind Advanced Human Performance. His blog offers valuable knowledge that you need to change your body and live a healthy lifestyle.

His approach towards fitness is validated by research. You’ll find a treasure trove of nutrition knowledge, exercise training, and other valuable tools to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dr. John Rusin has become one of the leading experts in the fields of health and sports performance in the pain-free performance training system that incorporates the world of strength and fitness with clinical movement-based diagnostic medication to reach the optimum results.

The fitness journey is not always pleasant. It needs you to be persistent and confident.

To hold one’s head above the water, a fitness partner is a requirement, and that’s why Jessie Kneeland chose to stand in the gap and inspire newcomers to start their fitness journey.

Robin, author, and founder of The Balanced Life, is a certified Pilates and Barre instructor. The blog aims to help women grow deeper self-love by offering resources on wellness, mental wellbeing, diet, exercise tips, goal setting, and fitness product reviews.

Wrapping Up

With all the attention paid to audio content as consumers around the world embrace smart speakers and engage content with their voices, many bloggers are lagging behind when it comes to content and strategy.’s annual trend surveyed almost 2,000 creatives and found that just 20 percent were implementing a plan to place their voice search brand — indicating that 80 percent did not take any action at all.

If you have just started your fitness blog, then there is a better time to jump on the audio blogging bandwagon as there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon than the present. An audio blog will enhance your audience reach exponentially and you will have the opportunity to be staying ahead of the curve. What can be better for a fitness blogger than delivering all the fitness tidbits to their loyal listeners on a much more personalized basis? That’s a question we leave for the budding and prominent fitness bloggers to ponder.

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