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Two things to watch out for!

To make a grand entry into the podcast space, there are two things that matter the most. Firstly, your content needs to be crispy and fresh, and Secondly and probably even more important is how you are reaching your target audience.

“Dish out your fresh content to your target audience”

Get the word out!

When one starts a podcast, they need to make sure that their show is available on all platforms where regular listeners are frequent customers, which means that it needs to be in the main podcast directories.

For apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify to recognize your offering to…

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The internet has broken up the conventional barriers between the distributors and their consumers, and fitness blogs are an example of this. Previously, if a fitness fanatic decided to get their theories out to a broader audience, they would have had to write an article in a newspaper or advertise on TV or on the radio. However, it was and still is a rare opportunity to do this. Fitness blogging is a simple way to communicate with a broader audience — if you are willing to put the work in.

Changing attitudes of fitness bloggers

Health and fitness blogs have become more influential over the…

If you’re a blogger, trying to establish a brand, you should definitely launch your own podcast series. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out a large audience. Did you know that around 73 million Americans identify as regular podcast listeners? Even if you’re not a person who writes a lot but love to talk about your passion or field of expertise on and on and if you think that might help people in their life, you can definitely start a podcast series instead of blogging.

I know it’s quite intimidating for the beginners and so here we’re to help…

It’s difficult, since specifying an episode synopsis is a conceptual challenge with a lot of creative considerations. Showing titles should be simple, concise, special, descriptive, and evocative. They need to telegraph the material, sound, treatment, and values of the show. Show titles also need to be configured for discovery, prevent layoffs with other metadata, and be shown cleanly in major podcast apps.

It can be overwhelming to name your podcast. You’ve worked hard to create the show concept, and it can be difficult to move forward with the production process before you’ve decided on the right title. …

Do we really need Podcast Hosts?

There are reportedly over 1,000,000 podcasts out there!, according to Apple. However, this does not change the fact that regardless of how famous or controversial a given podcast is: they’re all hosted somewhere. For your show, a podcast hosting service serves as its natural habitat.

So you’ve purchased a podcast microphone, recorded an episode, and are on your way for a great start to your podcasting journey. Well is that so? The toughest and most confusing part of making a good broadcast, if you are a new podcaster, is where to host your new podcast

This task can be both…

Nearly 55% of people in America listen to podcasts each month, which translates to about 160 million people.

This shows us the importance of audio as a content and marketing avenue for makers and marketers.

If you’re a blogger, writer, or content creator, this might be the perfect article for you.

So let’s jump into the Guide on How to Start a Podcast without recording anything, in this guide, we’ll go through the 3 key factors on how to start and podcast with ease -

  • Step 1 — Choose a topic and theme [Skip if you already have written content/script]
  • Step 2 — Converting your content into High-Quality audio for distribution
  • Step 3 — Hosting your Podcast


Podcast recording mic
Podcast recording mic

In the world of podcasting, believe it or not, there is a methodology when it comes to preparing for guest interviews. This is particularly true when you are the first to start and have yet to build a follow-up or meaningful audience. One of the most enjoyable aspects of podcasting is meeting experts and get a chance to learn from the best in their profession. For any guest you bring, remember that their time is precious, and the more effective your process is, the better their experience will be.

Let’s go over the steps to set up a guest interview…

If you are thinking that you can make it big into the podcast space, then you’re not alone. We are currently living in the golden age for podcasting and the possibilities and opportunities seem endless.

Anyone can make a podcast, but you’ve got to have the right equipment. Recording in a studio is the best choice, but it may not yet be feasible for podcasters to gain sponsorships.

Even if you have a killer plan, the first step in being the next big hit is to choose the right resources. …

The podcast landscape is Booming

With podcasts growing in popularity, countless people are trying to add their expertise and enthusiasm to the growing field. The podcasting industry has a wide spectrum of appeal from hobbyists who wish to share interest and add their revenue to business owners seeking to build up a client base and reinforce their knowledge.

In March 2020, Edison Research announced that in the previous month about 104 million Americans had been enrolled in a podcast, up 14 million from 2019. Podcasting has actually tripled since 2014.

“Podcasts have arrived in a big way”

Hopping on to the podcast scene

Before delving…

Warren Buffett arguably the most skilled investor of our time said reading 500 pages a day was the key to success, because “that’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.” Well, reading 500 pages a day surely is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is what has given financial blogs their well-deserved place in blogging communities. For they help a common Joe like me and you understand practical applications of finance and investment without all the hullabaloo by keeping financial jargons to a minimum.

New bloggers arriving on the scene

It is challenging for new finance blogs and inexperienced bloggers to break out…

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